Council backs residents’ concerns over failure to build full Peka Peka interchange

The Kapiti District Council has unanimously backed a call by Otaki and Waikanae residents for a rethink on the seriously flawed decision by NZTA not to build a full interchange on to the Expressway at Peka Peka.

The Finish Our Road (FOR) group welcomed the Council decision to support FOR investigate a new business case for the full interchange and support in principle NZTA investment in new south facing on and off ramps.

Jocelyn Prvanov, Chair of the Waikanae Community Board and member of the group says the Council’s decision is a huge and welcome step.

“Its also critical that the Council has recognised that land may be needed for the Expressway ramps and supports a stop to any premature disposal of the NZTA land in the future.”

The Council has agreed to take steps to make the full interchange a high priority in the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan.

NZTA data shows that 2,300 vehicle movements a day between the Waikanae and Otaki interchanges will now be prevented from accessing the Expressway and will be dumped on local roads in Waikanae.

“This will have a baleful effect on Waikanae’s roads and make them unsafe, noisy and polluted,” says Jocelyn Prvanov.

“We are also delighted that the Council has noted our view that NZTA’s cost for the full interchange was overstated and that they failed to consider the cost for local ratepayers of diverting the traffic to Waikanae.”

“This is a victory for common-sense over a pathetic lack of forward planning by NZTA and their failure to future proof Wellington’s northern corridor.”

Download the full Motion here