What needs to happen now?

  • We need to get the business case done properly
The flawed business case needs to be re-done with emphasis given to the government policy of safety, access, the environment and value for money. It was compiled under the previous government’s policy and then changed at the last minute to fit the new policy.  It failed. We ask for the continued support and assistance of KCDC on this matter and have already been given the support of the Otaki and Waikanae Community Boards.  It is important to have a robust business case as this will be a good starting point for NZTA to fund full connectivity at Peka Peka in the future.
  • We need KCDC to ensure that this land does not get sold
We need to ensure that the land needed to build the ramps does not get sold. NZTA owns that land because it originally had intended for full connectivity at Peka Peka.  If it sells the land, it will make it harder to reverse this flawed decision.  An option we are recommending to KCDC is to ensure that this project gets added to the Regional Land Transport Plan.

Feel free to download our Fact Sheet.