As you are aware, the lobby group Finish Our Road – Connect Kapiti (FOR) has been working on a revised Business Case to have this important project reconsidered by NZTA. This is almost completed, pending incorporation of some further information provided by KCDC. To date, we have also collected over 2,250 signatories in support of this project.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Crown Infrastructure Partners Ltd (CIP) has been assisting the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group (IIRG) to advise the Government on issues affecting the construction industry.

The Reference Group has been asked to prepare a list of infrastructure projects/programmes that are ready for construction and could, if the Government deemed it appropriate, be deployed as part of a stimulatory package.

CIP was inviting applications for projects to be considered and after discussion within the core group of FOR, we were keen to put in an application to have it considered as a ‘Shovel Ready’ Project.

We were busy working over Easter with Zoom meetings most days, working on our application.  Here you find our application lodged yesterday.

We also successfully lobbied Mayor Guru and received letters of support for this project from the majority of KCDC Councillors.