Our group sent out a survey to the candidates of the upcoming Kapiti Coast Local Elections. We didn`t get a response from everyone, but here you will find the answers that we did receive:

I fully support a full interchange at Peka Peka, support a review to the report that was not a true record of the population and the impact it will have on the current rural community. Growth is expected including the Huia Street and Hadfield road area, all require Expressway connectivity. Existing businesses are currently adversely affected as will thousands of residents between Waikanae North and Otaki.

Angela Buswell

I support the completion of the full interchange at Peka Peka.
Acknowledge in providing assistance of support to Finish Our Road.

Gwynn Compton

I am shocked by the dreadful finish to the expressway at Peka Peka. Also, I have grave concerns around KCDC’s and NZTA’s laisse faire thinking around the future Te Horo turn-offs. My platform of urban design and public space advocacy: design awareness around a sense of place and scale of appropriate design for the ‘pearls on a string’ spirit of Kapiti townships.

Rosalind Derby

I had initially indicated that I did not support, I have now reversed that decision, having reviewed relevant information and now fully support the addition of south on/off slip lanes at Peka Peka.

Murray Forsdyke

I support the south on/off slip lanes at Peka Peka. Living north of this area in Otaki and passing regularly, I can see that the limited on/off access points will not meet the real-world realities of the local communities. Given land is available, NZTA could rectify to ensure the potential capacity of the Expressway usage is realised.

Penny Gaylor

As a local resident, I am totally in support of the Peka Peka on/off slip roads. I cannot fathom how NZTA carried out their accounting, their decision is very short-sighted. Action here is of very high priority.

Andrew Lennox

Being one of the instigators that formed the group supporting the building of these slip lanes, I have been actively involved in supporting this. As Chair of the Waikanae Community Board, I successfully put a motion through the Board requesting Council’s support on 7 matters pertaining to this work. I fully support re-doing the Business Case and having the south on/off slip lanes added to the Peka Peka interchange.

Jocelyn Prvanov

I have been an avid supporter of on/off ramps for a very long time considering, impact on urban roads with increased use, increased maintenance, frustration and cost to residents, particularly local people who have sacrificed a lot and not even able to use it, with Greater Waikanae, Waikanae north and east, Peka Peka, Te Hapua Road, Te Horo Beach & Te Horo being the principal areas, as well as the public at large, by not being able to access or exit the Expressway at Peka Peka.   I have been involved in lobbying NZTA to review the flawed business case presented to their Board, which is what they based their declining decision on. I will continue to pursue all avenues to have this ridiculous decision reversed.

Marilyn Stevens